Accommodation for Your Travel to Helgelandskysten

West of Svartisen in Rødøy kommune lies the wonderful island, Myken. Myken is a combination of tiny islands in Northern Norway. This is one of the great places you can travel to experience some of the wonders the fantastic Northern Norway has to offer. On the island you will find multiple islets covered with beautiful nature - not to mention the amazing midnight sun.

As a part of Helgelandskysten Myken apartments offers accommodation for your travel with nice facilities on different locations in the area. Utilizing the accommodation in Myken allows you to stay and experience the wonderful nature Myken has to offer for a longer period of time. If you stay at one of our accommodations during your travel to Myken, you can get a perfect view directly towards the beautiful sea in Myken. We’ll facilitate a marvelous trip by offering tours, rental of boats as well as a place to stay for you and your company. If you’ve always dreamt about visiting Helgelandskysten, our accommodation will work as a nice pit stop, with a lot of cool activities nearby.

Our accommodation consists of three different apartments; Langstrandbrygga, Hellestua and Myken Brygge.

Where can you stay when traveling along the coast of Helgeland?

Our accommodations come in different sizes and can be found at different locations. No matter what your plan is, we are sure you will find a suitable accommodation in Myken, if you need a place to stay during your visit.

Cozy and smaller accommodation at Myken in Northern Norway

Hellestua has a cozy atmosphere with a somewhat secluded location north of the island. Still, it is located just 300 meters away from the pier and offers a great view of the ocean right by. Hellestua has everything you need with room for a total of four people. In the house you will find a living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom for two people and an additional sleeping area for two people. 

Just Imagine taking the family with you to experience the coast of Helgeland! Our accommodations are also suitable for a friends group, or if you want to spend some quality time with your beloved. 

Modern and larger accommodation spaces at Myken in Northern Norway  

Langstrandbrygga is a newly renovated house by the sea. This accommodation can house up to eight people and consists of two living rooms and kitchen as well as bathroom with toilet and shower. The house has three bedrooms whereas one of the rooms has one king sized bed, another a king sized plus a single and the last has three single beds.

Myken Brygge is one of our more modern housing options at Myken. Myken brygge accommodation consists of two separate apartments. It is also possible to rent two rooms separately or together with the rest of the apartments. In total, the apartments and extra bedrooms can house up to 23 people. Both of the apartments have their own kitchen and bathroom. The two rental rooms share a bathroom. By staying at Myken brygge you are guaranteed a beautiful surroundings with a view of the pier and the ocean. This is the absolute choice if you are planning to travel here with a big group.

What is it like to stay in Myken during your travels to Northern Norway?

When you visit Myken you will notice a very peaceful atmosphere. There are few people living on the island, and the locals are friendly people who treasure their island and all it has to offer. On the island you can also find the world's first-ever arctic whiskey distillery, which is the biggest producer in Norway today. Here you can get a tour and take part in a little bit of history as you are guided through the distillery.

Now, there are a lot of places to stay when you have decided to visit Helgelandskysten. A smart choice could therefore be to find places that are the least similar to each other. Our accommodation can be described as cozy and the surroundings the same. So if you have found accommodation somewhere along Helgelandskysten that might be more associated with transparent ocean, try to mix it up. In that way you can really get the whole experience – the amazing scenery , the cozy atmosphere and the parts you might not have thought about beforehand, such as the people, the sealife and much more. I’ll be honest with you. Myken is not where you go to find the sea bursting in beautiful shades of blue and green, but I can promise you that just like all of the other people that have visited Myken before you – you will not be disappointed.