Island experience in Northern Norway

Discover the great nature Myken has to offer and create your own adventures! We offer accommodation at multiple locations as well as rental of boats. We will facilitate a great trip where you can really get a feel of the hospitality from the people here at Myken and the great atmosphere that we are known for.

Stay with us


Myken Apartments offer centrally located accommodation for your stay. Among our rentals you will find newly built apartments at Myken Brygge. In addition to this, we also have other houses available for rent on the Island. Myken Brygge is located near Hurtigbåtkaia and the other accommodations are just a few hundred meters away.

Experience with us


If you want to be one with nature, then you should definitely consider a stay at Myken. Regardless of which season it is, we are certain you will find Myken to your liking. During spring you can hear the birds singing and see how the daylight slowly starts to last longer and longer for each day. In the summer the Island gets bewildered by beautiful vegetation and you will see the midnight sun reflecting a color palette over the sky and the ocean. Through the fall and winter you really get a breath of fresh air and get to experience the beautiful starry night as the darkness settles in. In other words – Myken is really something for each and everyone! 

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About us

Here at Myken Apartments AS we have strong ties to the local community with a striking engagement in everything we do and an eagerness to contribute to the coast-culture, as well as Myken's own development. Through magnificent experiences with the ocean and nature as the soul of Myken, we aim to offer sustainable tourism in the best way possible.

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