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About us

Here at Myken Apartments AS we have strong ties to the local community with a striking engagement in everything we do and an eagerness to contribute to the coast-culture, as well as Myken's own development. Through magnificent experiences with the ocean and nature as the soul of Myken, we aim to offer sustainable tourism in the best way possible.

Why you should visit us

Create your own adventures

Discover the great nature Myken has to offer and create your own adventures! We offer accommodation at multiple locations as well as rental of boats. We will facilitate a great trip where you can really get a feel of the hospitality from the people here at Myken and the great atmosphere that we are known for.


How to get here

Communal transport: If you do not live near the area, the easiest way to get to Myken Islands is by plane to Bodø, and from there take the ferry (NEX I) south. You can also take the train to Mo i Rana and afterwards take the bus to Tonnes. If you are arriving by car then you drive to Tonnes where there are great parking areas. Should you arrive from the North, then the easiest solution would be to drive to Vågaholmen. No matter which of the options mentioned above you choose, the next step will be to travel by the local route of Rødøy (Route 18-411) in order to travel by communal transport to Myken. During the summer it also goes a seperate summer-route from Bodø and Sandessjøen. Yo will find more information about the transport and routes at

Taxi boat: There are several solutions for direct transport to and from Myken. We can arrange for transport, just be sure to let us know in advance.

Your own boat: On Myken we have a great bay with room for guests to place their boats with power included (water during the summer season). Myken is located far from the mainland and you will have to cross the open ocean to get there – and on that note, be sure to check the weather report before heading over.